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A Day in the Life of a Customer

Posted on March 16, 2023 by Deandre Millinor

A consumer gets out of bed, visits the toilet, has breakfast and rushes to the automobile to leave for work.

They have a 1 hour lunch break where they have to grab a sandwich at the neighborhood deli and go to the bank. Time is bound, however they believe they are able to accomplish these chores within an hour.

They leave work and drive to the lender, the standard ten-minute journey takes twenty minutes and they cannot look for a parking space. Having eventually parked the automobile they reach the bank. You can find two tellers working and you can find five people in each queue. They await at least 10 minutes before they reach the teller, who shows little empathy with their problem and processes their transaction. They now opt to miss the deli and lunch and go back to work in a slow type of traffic. Once back at the job they will have a miserable afternoon, before facing the traffic jam along the way home. An average day in the life span of a consumer? It may be your entire day.

The type in today's competitive climate would be to ensure you spend money on your team to make sure they are the very best ambassadors you could have when they cope with your visitors.

Communication includes some simple, but effective steps:

  • Let every team member know your vision and philosophy as a small business.
  • Have team meetings once weekly and share the 'chair' between key associates.
  • Product knowledge training ought to be regularly; it's necessary to give your associates confidence.
  • Have an empowerment policy in your organization to make sure your team feel they will have responsibility and so are valued.
  • Reward success.
  • Benchmark success so everyone has set goals.
  • Be consistent in your implementation.
  • Remember, it starts at the very top, but has experience at the grass roots.

    Retailing is approximately putting yourself in the shoes of the buyer to help you to empathise using them; just about everyone has experienced situations where salespeople show no empathy to your life stresses and we've often applied for our disgruntlements with one of these salespeople and be vigilante customers, as the salesperson does not have any idea what they will have done wrong.